Vineyard Posts

Besides the vineyard wire, vineyard posts can be considered the support system or skeleton of the vineyard.  Generally speaking the most common vineyard posts used in the USA are made of steel or wood.  Wood posts offer strength, rigidity and stability while steel posts offer convenience, flexability and ease of use.  Interestingly, the quality of wood posts has seen a decline over the past few years while the quality of steel posts have seen an increase during the same time period.  Wood posts require more work to install and configure for use, requiring equipment to drive into the ground compared to steel posts which are considerably easier to install and are essentially ready for use once driven into the ground.  Additional advantage of steel posts are that they are mechanical harvester friendly and help to minimize damage by lightening strkes.  

In addition to wood posts, we offer the MG48M, the C1 Medium and the C1 Maxi steel line posts.  All of the steel posts are designed for vertical type trellis systems.