Steam Generators / Pressure Washers



    SPIN WASH rotating barrel cleaning head - simultaneously injects clean water into the barrel and sucks dirty water out from the barrel while cleaning.  An electric powered head spins in all directions for efficient deep cleaning.  The positioning of the...

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  • EcoPower 110.2ST; 20kw 220V 3-phase high-flow electric powered hot-water pressure washer ideal for use in the winery.  No dangerouse diesel exhaust fumes. EcoJet 5420; 20kw 220v 3-phase low-flow hot-water pressure washer.  The ideal pressure washer when cleaning delicate machinery in the winery.

    Electric heated pressure washer

    EcoPower 110.2 ST - 20Kw high-flow electric powered hot-water pressure washer. 11 liters/minute flow rate @ 2175 psi. Max output temp is 195 degress fahrenheit. The EcoPower 110.2 ST pressure washer comes complete with stainless steel construction,...

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  • Electric powered steam generator Vapor One steam generator

    Steam Generators

    IdroElectrika’s line of electric powered steam generators are the perfect solution for winemakers interested in using steam for the sanitization of tanks, filters, bottling lines, hoses and microfilters as well as for controlling brettanomyces in oak...

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