Winery Equipment FAQs

Cleanliness cannot be underestimated in the winery. The Vapor One is an electric powered steam generator, ideal for sanitizing wine tanks, oak barrels and filters and sterilizing of bottling lines. Because it is electric powered, contamination from exhaust fumes and fossil fuels is avoided. The Vapor One is extremely simple to use and takes 2-3 minutes to start steaming after powering. It takes minutes to get bottling lines up to temperature and because it is auto-refill, steaming can go uninterrupted for as long as the operator wishes. Because of its effectiveness in controlling Brettanomyces, the Vapor One should be considered a mandatory piece of equipment, included in every wineries barrel program.

Both are high quality electric powered steam generators. The differences between the models are the types of steam produced and whether it is free-flow or pressurized steam. The Vapor One produces dry, free-flowing steam. Dry, free-flowing steam is typically all that is needed to sanitize winery/brewery equipment. The Vapor Duo can produce wet or dry steam with a maximum output pressure of 51 psi.

The Vapor Duo comes with a hand-held steam lance suitable for spot cleaning tough stains often times found throughout the winery/brewery.

The Ika Vapor is two-machines-in-one; an electric powered steam generator capable of producing wet or dry steam (up to 51 psi output pressure) combined with a low-flow hot-water pressure washer. The flow rate of the pressure washer depends upon the spray nozzle used but is typically .6 gallons per minute, enabling precise pressure washing of delicate piping drains, grates, and exterior surfaces of equipment which would be not possible with a standard pressure washer. In addition the output temperature of the pressure washer can reach up to 190 degrees, providing adequate heat for sanitizing. Output temperature and flow rate vary inversely. The higher the output flow rate, the lower the output temperature. Conversely, the lower the output flow rate, the higher the output temperature.

It all depends on what you want to clean/sanitize. The Vapor One (and Vapor Duo) are electric powered steam generators ideal for sanitizing equipment with internal surfaces such as barrels, filters, tanks, bottling lines and hoses. In addition to producing steam, the Ika Vapor incorporates a low-flow hot-water pressure washer ideal for cleaning/sanitizing external surfaces of winery/brewery equipment.

Water consumption rates of the Vapor One/Duo depend on the size of the machine. For example, a 10kw Vapor One consumes app 4 gallons per hour.

This depends on several factors including the type of power available at the winery (i.e. single or three phase, 230V, 480V, etc…), what you want to steam, and how large the pieces of equipment are that you want to steam? Because of the heating elements, the Vapor One and Vapor Duo steamer generators draw significant amounts of power. Bigger tanks and bottling lines require more steam which requires more power which requires greater amounts of amperage.

Generally speaking, a 225ltr barrel should be steamed for app 4-5 minutes. After such time, the barrel wand should be removed from the barrel and the bung inserted into the bung hole. The barrel should be allowed to cool down for no more than 4-5 minutes, during which time low pressure will build up inside the barrel. If the barrel is allowed to cool too long, the barrel could be damaged. During the build up of pressure, contaminates will be sucked or pulled from the pores of the wood. After the allotted 4-5 minutes of cool down, the bung should be removed and the barrel rinsed thoroughly.

No. The most efficient way to clean floors, drains and walls is with the pressure washer of the Ika Vapor. The Ika Vapor is an electric powered hybrid machine, containing a low-flow, hot-water pressure washer and steam generator.

Yes you can, but all brass components inside the Vapor One/Duo must be replaced with stainless steel components. Reverse osmosis compatible Vapor One and Vapor Duo steam generators are special order units.

The Vapor One, the Vapor Duo and the Ika Vapor all have multiple safety mechanisms built into them, such as pressure sensors and water egress pressure valves. In addition, every machine is built with ASME certified components.

Simply put, Albrigi tanks are a work of art. What separates Albrigi from all other brands of tanks is the craftsmanship built into every tank. At the heart of every Albrigi tank is their “high clean” interior finish, and it is the goal at Albrigi to eliminate the use or need for harsh dangerous caustics when cleaning S/S wine tanks. All Albrigi tanks have 2B mirror polished interior surfaces with welded seams that are ground, flattened and polished. Consequently, cleaning an Albrigi tank is effortless using only hot water or steam.

Yes. Albrigi can customize a tank to fit your individual needs. Whether it be the location or quantity of manways, valves, thermowells or any other feature you desire, Albrigi can design and manufacture a tank to fit your needs.

The Roto-Jolly will accommodate cages made by other manufacturers than Lafal, the manufacturer of the Roto-Jolly. In fact, the Jolly Co cages will stack properly with other brands of cages.

The Roto-Jolly is an automatic riddling machine for the riddling phase of traditional method champagne. The unit comes pre-programmed with 5 different riddling programs that complete in 3.5-7 day cycles and replaces hand riddling. The Roto Jolly is fully automatic.

502 standard size bottles fit into the Jolly Co cage, and the cages can be used interchangeably with other brands of riddling machines. The Jolly Co cages are hot-dip galvanized for long life and can be configured as 4, 5 or 6-sided cages depending upon the task at hand. 4-side cages are used while the filling the cage. 5-sided cages are used for storage and 6-sided cages are used for storage and riddling.

A counter pressure filler or Iso-baric filler such as the ISO4 from Barida is designed to fill bottles with carbonated beverages such as sparkling wine, cider, beer and sparkling water. The unit works under pressure which helps to prevent foaming while filling.

Yes it is possible. Depending upon the winery’s needs, Spec Trellising could supply a bottling line which could bottle both still and sparkling wine using the same line. Models could be designed that incorporate filling valves that fill both types of wine or have dedicated valves for still wine and dedicated valves for sparkling wine. Additional features that could be incorporated into the line include labelers, corkers, cappers, capsulers, nitrogen sparging and pre-evacuation, just to name a few.

The ISO4 can be configured with or without a crown capper, mushroom corker and wire hooder.

The RotoRack is a polyester powder coated rotatable barrel rack that enables the wine maker to conduct all of the barrel related tasks, while the barrel is place on the racks. Because the area above the bung is open, all of the tasks, including filling, sampling, stirring of the lees, topping up, rinsing and cleaning can all be conducted without having to move any barrels. Any barrel in place on the racks can be accessed and even removed without disturbing any other barrel. The RotoRack more efficiently stores barrels than tradition racks and because they are made out of aluminum, they have an expected lifespan of more than 100 years.

Barrels are easily removed and replaced from the RotoRack using the S/S barrel insert tool. Simply tilt the empty barrel up and slide the barrel insert tool beneath the barrel allowing the barrel to sit on the insert tool. The two small wheels on the insert tool allow one to easily slide the barrel out of the rack and then slide a new barrel into the rack.

Yes. Because the RotoRack is modular it can easily be expanded as production grows at the winery. Just bolt additional racks onto the existing rack to increase the quantity of racks accordingly.

No. The wax, or shellac utilized in the Sincera line of semi-automatic wax sealers will not crumble while opening. The wax can be cleanly cut and peeled off of the neck of the bottle without creating an unsightly mess.