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Elevate your winemaking endeavors to award-winning heights with our exceptional Mori Dinamica series of grape destemming machines, the cutting-edge Rolly automatic mechanical sorters and the innovative D-Selector series of destemmer + optional crushing unit + Rolly mechanical grape sorter (combination) machines. Available with the optional grapeseed removal screw hopper and crafted with precision and dedication, these high-quality machines are the secret ingredient behind countless medal-winning wines.

The Dinamica series of destemmers (w/ optional crushing unit) represents the pinnacle of winery equipment, designed to gently destem grape berries from their stems while preserving the utmost flavor and aroma of your grapes. Meanwhile, the Mori Ruli Grape crushing machines offer unmatched efficiency in turning those pristine grapes into juice, ensuring every drop is packed with flavor. Mori's commitment to innovation and quality shines through in every detail of these machines, ensuring that your grapes are treated with the care and respect they deserve. Whether you're a seasoned vintner or a passionate novice, our Mori equipment guarantees that you have the tools you need to create wines that stand out and impress judges, setting you on the path to becoming a true winemaking champion. Unlock the potential of your grapes and experience the difference with Mori's Dinamica destemmers, the Rolly series of mechanical sorters and the D-Selector line of destemmers/crusher/sorter – where excellence meets excellence.