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15" ShellT Grow Tube

  • The ShellT 15" grow tube is a robust, reuseable and recyclable. The ShellT tubes can be stacked on top of each other to increase the height of joined together to increase the diameter.

    ShellT Grow Tube

    Explore the Shellt Grow Tubes, a vital solution for safeguarding newly planted grapevines. Crafted from 100% recyclable plastic with a UV inhibitor, these tubes ensure long-lasting service and protection from sun, wind, animals, and unwanted chemicals...

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  • The Blue-X grow tube consists of two pieces: the inner sleeve (PART-A) and the one-time use outer bag (PART-B). Blue-x grow tube promote growth while protecting the plant from predators, herbicidal sprays and wind.

    30" Blue-X Grow Tube

    Blue-x® grow tubes are engineered for optimal light and temperature balance during crucial early growth stages, enhancing root development and overall growth rates. These tubes shield against harmful UV rays, wind, chemical sprays, and animal...

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