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  • WireLink Wire Splicers

    WireLink Wire Splicers

    Wirelink is an easy to use permanet wire joiner designed to join two wires together.  No tools required for use. Simply insert one wire end into one end of the wirelink and the 2nd wire end into the other end of the wirelink.  Internal jaws grip the wire...

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  • 12-1/2 ga long sleeves holding power exceeds that strength of hi-tensile wire. (2) crimping sleeves per splice is recommended for load bearing wires.

    Crimp Sleeves

    Crimping sleeves are the cost effective way of permanently splicing high-tensile wire.  Crimp sleeves are long lasting, non-retensionable and are not releasable. When properly crimped, the holding strength of the crimp sleeve exceeds the wire...

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