Vibrated Concrete Wine Tanks

Explore the timeless tradition of vinification with our premium concrete wine tanks, meticulously crafted by CLC and other esteemed makers. For millennia, winemakers have relied on the inherent qualities of concrete to nurture their finest vintages. Our tanks boast a neutral, semi-porous interior, fostering the ideal environment for wine maturation. Unlike other materials, concrete allows controlled micro-oxygenation, gently softening tannins and enhancing the wine's mouthfeel, color, and richness.

Designed for the discriminating oenophile, our concrete tanks offer superior insulation, ensuring consistent temperatures and minimizing fluctuations that can compromise wine quality. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of CLC or the innovations of other esteemed makers, our tanks provide the perfect canvas for your vinification journey.

Experience the artistry of winemaking with customizable options such as different exterior colors, and a choice of hot-resinated or natural concrete interior finishes, allowing for precise flavor control year after year. Elevate your winery's aesthetic with bespoke enhancements, from steel plaques to bas-relief logos and integrated LED lighting, transforming architectural drawings into stunning presentations.

Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with our concrete wine tanks, where craftsmanship meets creativity to elevate your winemaking experience to new heights

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