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Permanent Style Side Netting

  • Tightloch is available in white and black.

    Tightloch - Permanent Style Side Netting

    Tightloch is the most effective bird netting on the market.  Tightloch's robust design is effictive protecting against birds, wasps and deer. While Tghtloch's fine mesh is highly effective protecting against predation, it still allows sufficient...

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  • High quality Crystaloch nets with a 2mm x 7mm rectangular mesh. Vineyard Netting

    Crystaloch - Permanent Style Side Netting

    Crystaloch is designed to be left on the trellis for the life of the nets. Crystaloch can be safely stored on upper catch wires or a lower wire during the winter/spring months. Ccrystaloch is made from 100% virgin H.D.P.E. cylindrical mono-filament with...

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