Drape-Over Nets

  • Multi-Row Drape-Over Netting Multi-Row Drape-Over Netting

    Multi-Row Drape-Over Netting

    Multi-row drape-over nets are wide nets designed to cover multiple vineyard rows. With standard widths ranging from 33' to 66′, multi-row nets offer superior protection against bird damage compared to single-row drape-over nets. Fewer clusters are...

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  • Classic white SRDO nets with 5/8" hex mesh and 10 year UV warranty Classic nets come complete with heavy duty storage bag

    Single-Row Drape-Over Netting

    Vineyard with vines covered with bird-protective net and winery buildings on the background. Bird netting is widely considered to be the most effective method of protection for fruit growers that need to protect their valuable crop from hungry birds...

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