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C5 Steel End Post

The C5 end post is a great choice for use as end posts in vineyards.  The built-in holes and hooks make trellis installatioin fast and easy.  The rolled edges of the C5 post make it machine harvester friendly.  The C5 is available in Corten, HDG and Zincor (Corten + HDG on the bottom portion of the post).  The C5 post can be driven into the ground using a tractor munted pounder or a gas powered driver such as the RediDriver.

  • Stainless steel tension roller designed to work with the C5 end post. Tension roller with locking key for tension trellis wire to the C5 end post.

    C5 Tension Roller

    C5 tension roller is deal for securing trellis wires to the C5 end post.  Made of stainless steel with holes to accomodate wires, the tension roller can tension wires by simply tensioning using a 13mm wrench. The tension roller is available with and...

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  • C5 HDG steel end post with tension rollers C5 end post with punched holes for tension roller

    C5 Maxi Steel End Post

    C5 MAXI END POST A profiling designed without any sharp corners so as not to cause damage during the passage of mechanical machinery Very high resistance to mechanical shocks A 68mm (lateral) x 55mm section for efficient alignment of the trellis (no...

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