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Vineyard Ties

Vineyard ties can be broken down into two main catagories.

1) Ties for cane pruned vines - Ties used to tie canes should be degradable and only last a season.  The cane will be cut and removed the following season so it makes sense to only use a tie that lasts a season.  The prothec degradable ties, which include 1-wire and 2-wire formats are the ideal tie for tieing canes since the ties are truely degradable.  The ties will break down by pruning time the following season.  The ties do not need to be cut away as they have essentially degraded by pruning time the season after they've been applied.

2) Ties for spur-pruned vines - Tie used to tie cordons should be long lasting STRETCHABLE ties that last for at least several years that have the ability to stretch to accomodate vine growth during the life of the vineyard tie and where necessary stand up to mechanical harvesters.  Tie tape does not fit into this catagory since tie tape loses its ability to strech after 1-2 seasons and therfore needs to be periodically cut away and retied.  CEP and Tubefix are ideal tieing products for tieing cordons due to their long lifespan and their ability to stretch for years after being applied.


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