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Vineyard Wire

Vineyard wire can be considered an intergral component of the support system or the skeleton of the vineyard.  Vineyard wire should be long lasting to avoid having to prematurely replace and should be made of high-carbon steel to avoid stretching.  When trellis wires stretch, they need to be retensioned which can require enormous amounts of costly labor.  

4-Life PLUS vineyard wire is the ultra premium wire that will last a minimum of 5 times longer than class 3 galvanized wire due to its propietary coating.  4-Life PLUS wire is manufactured by Wire Soluions, a Luxembourg based company that has been producing specially coated wire to be speficially used in vineyards, for more than 85 years.  

4-Life PLUS wire is available in a range of wire gauges, packaged in catch weight coils (25 kgs and 40 kgs) and also in jumbo coils weighing 1000 lbs or more.  4-Life PLUS wire is also available in smooth and crimped formats and with a propeitary inorganic YELLOW coating for increased visibility to aid in wire lifting phases of canopy management.