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Biodegradable Vineyard Ties

  • Certified BIODEGRADABLE ties 1-season tie Degraded 3-wire BIO tie

    Prothec Manual Biodegradable Ties (Spools)

    Prothec's innovative biodegradable vineyard ties are a sustainable solution for modern vineyard management. Available in 2-wire and 3-wire formats, Prothec biodegradable ties are designed to cater to the diverse needs of environmentally minded vineyards,...

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  • The Prothec tiel tool is the fast and easy tool designed to tie grapevines. The Prothec tie tool twist and cuts the degradable tie tool in one fast action.

    Prothec Pliers

    Prothec pliers are the simple and economical manual tie tool designed for tieing canes.  The prothec pliers are to be used with the prothec line of degradable vineyard ties.The prothec tie tool twists and cuts the tie in one fast action.  Few moving...

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