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Stretchable Vineyard Ties

  • Pre-cut tubefix is the perfect stretchable tie for tieng  young grapevines. TUBEFIX (PRECUT) GREEN


    Tubefix is a stretchable hand tie suitable for the tieing of trees, flowers and in particular, grapevines. The elasticity of the products does not damage the plant and facilitates their growth. Tubefix is made from virgin, non-regenerated, non-toxic...

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  • 100 meter CEP tie spools designed to tie mature cordons and trunk.  The tie will stretch 400% and has a lifespan of at least 10 years.  Ideal for tieing machine harvested vines. Eliminates the need to retie vines after machine harvesting. 200 meter "light" CEP designed to tie established young cordons and trunks.  The tie will stretch 400% and has a lifespan of app 5-7 years.

    Prothec CEP (Spools)

    CEP is a strong, long lasting stretchable hand tie, ideal for tying grapevines and fruit trees to trellis wires. CEP will stretch up to 400% of its original length, and unlike tie tape, does not lose its elasticity over time. Because of this CEP is a...

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