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Vine Protectors/Grow Tubes/Milk Cartons

Vine protectors are commonly used to protect grapevines immediately after planting and include both grow tubes and milk cartons.  Milk cartons are temporary vine protectors made of wax coated paperboard that will last 1-2 seasons.  Milk cartons protect newly planted vines from predators such as rabbits and ground hogs and also protect vines from herbicadal sprays. Milk cartons can be left on the vine through the winter after planting and are typically removed during the 2nd season.   Grow tubes such as the ShellT 773C and the Blue-X are long lasting "re-useable" vine protectors that perform multiple functions; promoting growth during the 1st year, protecting plants from predators such as rabbits and ground hogs as well protecting plants from herbacidal sprays.  Grow tubes allow light to pass through the wall of the tube therby increasing temperature and humidity inside similiar to a greenhouse.  Because of this, grow tubes should be removed in the fall of the planting year.  

  • 15" x 3-1/4" robust, rigid recyclable grow tube.  Can be stacked to increase the height.  Ships flat and assembles in seconds.
Easily and quickly assembled by simply snapping the two tabs into their respective holes. GROW TUBES


    Grow tubes have been used for years as a means of protecting grapevines from injury as well as promoting growth during the establishment of the vineyard.  Grow tubes are great at protecting vines from damaging herbicide sprays and browsing predators...

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  • Milk Cartons Milk Cartons

    Milk Cartons

    Milk cartons are a cost effective vine protector which protect newly planted vines from sun, wind, rodents and herbicide application. Milk cartons are made from biodegradable wax coated paperboard and will last up to 2 seasons. They are simple and fast...

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