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Crossflow Wine Filters


Transform your wine filtration process with our innovative Ceramic Membrane Crossflow filters, offering a single-step filtration journey from tank to bottle. These advanced filters are meticulously crafted to elevate fine wines to their highest potential. Unlike traditional filters, our inert ceramic material avoids electric polarization, preserving the color and tasting components of your wine.

Experience the advantages of our Ceramic Membrane Crossflow filters:

Precise Filtration: Achieve exceptional clarity with filtration options ranging from 0.1 to 0.8 microns, effectively removing particles and impurities.
    *Superior Clarity: Start filtration with products between 20 and 1000 NTU and achieve ≤ 0.9 NTU clarity, enhancing the appearance and quality of your wine.
    *Durability: Our ceramic filters are highly resistant to acid and basic substances, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse winemaking environments.
    *High-Temperature Washable: Easily maintain hygiene standards with filters that can be washed at temperatures between 80°C and 90°C, ensuring thorough cleaning and sterilization.
    *Strength and Reliability: With a strength 4 to 6 times greater than organic material membranes, our filters are built to withstand rigorous winery operations.

Enjoy a more delicate and less intrusive filtration process that respects the essence of your wine. Whether you're crafting small batches or managing large-scale production, our Ceramic Membrane Crossflow filters deliver efficiency, quality, and consistency from start to finish.