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Gripple Wire Joiners & Tensioning Products

Gripple is well-known for its innovative products in the field of wire joining, tensioning, and suspension systems. Spec Trellising Is Proud to Offer a Wide Range Of Gripple Products.

Gripple Torque Tool Extension Precision tools designed for accurate torque application when installing Gripple products, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in wire tensioning and suspension systems.

Gripple Wire Joiners Mechanical joiners for fast and secure connection of wires without the need for welding or crimping, providing efficient solutions for fencing, trellising, and suspension applications.

Gripple Anchor Kits Comprehensive kits containing all necessary components for securely anchoring structures to various substrates, offering stability and safety in construction and industrial settings.

Gripple Apex Anchors Innovative anchors designed for reliable fixing and suspension of structures, providing strong and versatile solutions for anchoring applications in diverse environments.

Gripple Vit-s Cutting-edge suspension systems for hanging and supporting fixtures such as lighting, HVAC systems, signage, and acoustic panels, offering flexibility and efficiency in installation.

Gripple Gp#1 & Gp#2: Specialized wire tensioners designed for precise adjustment and high holding strength, ensuring optimal tensioning of wires in various applications including fencing, trellising, and suspension systems.

Gripple Contractor Tool: Ergonomic and durable tool designed for professional contractors, facilitating efficient installation and tensioning of Gripple products for reliable and long-lasting results.

Gripple Torque Tool: Essential equipment for applying precise torque during the installation of Gripple products, ensuring proper tensioning and optimal performance of wire suspension systems.

Gripple Twister: Advanced suspension systems designed for hanging and supporting various loads, offering ease of installation and adjustment for applications in construction, architecture, and industrial settings.

These Gripple products offer innovative solutions for a wide range of industries, providing efficiency, durability, and reliability in wire joining, tensioning, and suspension applications.