Sraml Pneumatic Presses

Wine press equipment has a direct inluence on the quality, time consumption, and economic value of the winemaking process.  Pressing of the grapes is performed to have grape juice released from different zones of fruit based on pressure changes, holding time and lossening of the pressed grape mass.  Using a proper device and pressing program allows for a precise selection of the grape juice to be extracted from the berry's primary tissues, which is then reflected in the wine quality.  

SRAML has made fundamental advances in winemaking technology and can now provide you with a range of grape presses with innovative characteristics to easily reach your production goals, maximize yields while also perfecting the quality and profile of your wine.  

Supported by a gentle yet rapid pressing action to minimize physical impact and oxygen exposure crucial to wine quality, SRAML wine presses suite a wide range of juice parameters and come with numerous functional benefits.  

With a host of upgrade and customization options, the SRAML VP Eco, VP standard and VP Inertgas series of pneumatic wine presses allow winemakers large and small to adjust wine styles to their preferences, having it easier than ever before.